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Top story

Park smoking ban is for cowards

Friday October 17, 2014

Andrew Allison challenges the smoke police to come out and say what they really think

Top story

Has Boris got balls?

Thursday October 16, 2014

Has the report proposing a ban on smoking in London parks and squares revealed the Mayor of London as a half-hearted freedom lover?

Top story

Free Speech needs to be heard

Friday October 10, 2014

It’s time for a new Free Speech Movement, says Dennis Hayes


Bullies' bulletin #32

Further examples of our mad, mad world as we report on an operatic tragedy, more ‘elf ‘n safety and compulsory consensual sex classes…


Great speech but let’s not get too carried away

David Cameron has made the speech of his life – delivering a truly Conservative vision for the future – or has he, asks Brian Monteith


The bells, the bells – don't ban the bells

Ruth Mieschbuehler reports on the unusual ban being proposed in Switzerland and how it is being resisted


Time for the prime minister to live up to his word

The Conservative conference in Birmingham really is the last chance saloon for the Prime Minister, argues Brian Monteith


Review of the week ending 21 September

Our weekly round-up of bizarre or obscure reporting about freedom issues from blogs, websites and newspapers – stories in no particular order…


Why the UK needs Scotland to vote No

The liberal economic case has been won by the No campaign, but being British also counts for freedom, argues Brian Monteith


Independence day – why Scotland should vote 'Yes'

Stop this appeasement, says Gary Ling. A close ‘No’ vote on Thursday will be a disaster for the rest of the UK.


Review of the weekend ending 14 September

Our latest round-up of unusual or obscure reporting of freedom issues from blogs, websites and newspapers – stories in no particular order…


First they came for my mini cheddars...

First it was a ban on mini-cheddars – now it’s the whole packed lunch! Our schools are loosing all sense of proportion argues Andrew Allison.


A Souvlaki, chips and a fag – what's not to like?

They disobey rules, eat, drink and smoke for enjoyment – and live longer than us. Simon Hills says the carefree Greeks can teach us all a lesson…